Flatland Unicycle

Hey guys, I’ve decide I want to sell my flatland unicycle since I haven’t used it since the beginning of the summer. This unicycle is totally custom, light, strong and in great condition.

[B]The specs :

-KH 2011 (or 2010?) moment hub, laced to a white Eclat bondi bmx rim, with maxxis grifter tire.
-KH moment 137mm cranks ( 2008 ).

Frame: Koxx-One Alien Backflip with single bolt seatclamp.
Seat: KH 2011 Street, with a Koxx-One seatpost.

This unicycle is much lighter than a trials unicycle, and I would strongly consider it for flatland. The reason I’m selling is because I want to get into more street.

I’m asking for 400$ OBO. I also wouldn’t mind selling parts individually if I have any offers.


Edit: It’s in pieces right now, but I can put it together and take pictures if anybody wants.


what would you sell the frame for? id buy it for 60+ shipping to kitchener ontario

It’s basically this. With a brand new seat, and different cranks.


The frame is gone, wheel and seat still available :slight_smile: