flatland unicycle

hello everybody!

now I have begun with the flatland unicycle and I wonder what you should think of when running, I have managed wrap walk and fakie crankroll but it’s a bit unstable so I wonder what you should think about to make it easier to run the new trick,can some one make a list of easy flatland tricks? or a guide wich trick i be going for now :slight_smile:

mvh Kim Lindberg


I dont know very many tricks but i know of a few.

Double wrap
Rolling wrap
Stand up Wheel walk.

Just a few i know of.

Shay, standup wheelwalk is more freestyle than flat. Sideways wheelwalk is kind of half freestyle, half flat.

Kim, what you call a “wrapwalk” is normally called a rolling wrap in the US, I’ve heard it called a wrapwalk by people in Europe though.

There are so many tricks and variations out there that it is impossible to name them all, but I’m sure Spencer or someone will post some more advanced ones i.e. inward rolling wrap, varial roll, etc. Some may take some explaining.

Dude, you are going on my ignore list. You critic everything i say.

Dude, he is right, I have only seen a few flatlanders do stand up whhel walk a few times. You may be going on my ignore list soon.

Back to the question. Some good flatland tricks to learn are:

-double leg wraps (both feat) (assuming you can do a leg wrap already)
-Sideways wheelwalk
-Unispins (including unispins to wheel, off wheel and on wheel)

Some basic street tricks are good to know to becasue you can combo them later. Like doing a Varialflip to backroll or sexchange to insideroll.

hope these are helpful. Oh, and a fakie crankroll is known as a backroll or insideroll.

I personally think that there are certain freestyle skills which could be integrated into flatland routies. I don’t think it’s too necessary to draw a completely stiff line between genres of skills.

Why, i have never said a thing to you before, and standup wheel walking has been seen before, so why wouldnt it be a good skill to learn. You stated youself you’ve seen it. What a stupid reason to put someone on ignore.

  1. He wants easier tricks
  2. I have seen it in flat combos but very few

I haven’t put you on ignore yet (obviously), but you are on your way. You never said anything bad to me but some of the stuff you say is just annoying.

one more think i wonder! the basic of what i going to think of exampel whitch way i going to leen and stuf like that, sorry for may english :slight_smile:

I have a question. :smiley:

for leg wraps, do you have your feet on the cranks or the pedals?

You want to have your feet on the cranks.

You have to have your feet on the cranks, otherwise when you started to wrap your leg around the unicycle would go forward.

Do someone know any flat tricks tutorial (i saw for cranckflip, unispins, cranckrols, etc.) but some other advenced tricks. :thinking: