Flatland tricks

Hey my name is Emele and this is my first post in the unicyclist.com forums. I want to know if anyone could describe or give a tutorial for some of the flatland tricks. I used the search function but not much came up. I like flatland alot and i want to learn some new tricks

i learnt some of the flatland tricks i no
by watching flatland videos and looking at peoples hand
movements it realy helped me with flat tricks.

and welcome to the forums:)

A good person to PM or ask this question to is spencer hochberg. Hes a really nice kid, and is probably willing to help.

I agree that there needs to be more flatland tutorials around coz a lot of the tricks probably need the rider to be doing a lot of specific things right.

I agree with you on that, there does. I know iv looked and found very little. I need to work on my flatland… or maybe just leanr some in general because I SUCK.

if you do a search you might find some good tutorial threads for flatland. A few months ago I made a thread asking for a tutorial for crankrolls and Spencer made a quick video to help with positioning and such hope it helps you guys out a little.

Thanks for the thread Ducttape But there are way more tricks than just crankrolls . im surprised someone hasnt made any tutorials yet for the other tricks.

and btw what are the best cranks to do crankrolling tricks on. Are the moment cranks really terrible to use for flat?

i ride moment cranks for flatlanding:D

I think Spencer said something about not liking moment cranks once but now I think he likes them so I’m not sure on that but the fatter the crank the better because it gives you more room to stand on the crank. In the thread I linked Spencer said Torker DX cranks were pretty good cranks for flatlanding.

I think I just said DX cranks were probably better than freestyle cranks. I don’t think stock moments are very good for flat, thats all I will say for now;)

What did you do to yours?

Sledge hammer. Give a few bangs and widen those babies right out.


haha;) :stuck_out_tongue:

He made them cool by… i dont know if im allowed to say or not. Maybe its a secret ?

Well at least they don’t have those nasty ankle hitting nubs… :roll_eyes:

I like nubs. They help me stop quick when rolling backwards.

lol How?

And seriously, what are the best cranks for flatland? Would they be Koxx street cranks or QU-AX?

Well say I am going backwards to set up for a set or something. The nub likes to rub against the top edge of my shoes, where the ankle bone is. I have ankle guards so I dont scrap my ankle… not that I do to often without them anyway. I use that pressure of the nub on my shoe to help me stop, Its not like I cant stop and start going forwards without it, but I make the transition much more stable… The downfall would be catching the nub on your shoe while going backwards down a 7 set… hmmm.

Right now the best cranks for flatland are prolly the K1 street cranks. However the quax are pretty good as well. But I cant give to much feeback on them as I only used them on a K1 hub, which allowed the cranks to sit further out making more space for the foot, and they were de-nubbed.