flatland trick name suggestions

There are a lot of flatland tricks out there that don’t have names so we need a better way to identify them other than “you know that one crankroll trick where…”

So I made a short video with a few name suggestions so we can decide on what to actually call them.
Here is the youtube link
I numbered them so its easier to refer back to them.

Also I think this trick that Romain does in here still needs a name, it is pretty common (the first clip) http://youtube.com/watch?v=476HbxcoG-0

You guys can add any other nameless flat tricks too.


your names are petty good. I have no idea what to call that one trick Romain does.

I think that we should distinguish variations; the support leg’s location should change the name slightly. If there’s a roll involved (like number 3) it would be a side crank roll, but if foot was on frame (this probably applys more to fore and aft directions) then it would be side roll.

more later, g2g.

  1. Wrapwalk doesn’t really cover the first trick I think. But after just writing some stuff down, it’s made of a wheel walk variation, crankroll, and wrap around. So the problem becomes incorporating all those elements. Wraproll walk sounds terrible. In the case of a three element trick, unless a name including all the elements flows (sounds good) then I think a compromise should be made as to what elements get put into the name. This means identifying the most outstanding or important parts of the trick. In this case, I think the wrap around element and the crankroll element are the most important. So I’m gonna propose Wrap roll, and doublewrap roll.

  2. Sideroll is good.

  3. Sideroll is good.

  4. Isn’t it just a 90 body varial to sideroll?

  5. Fakie crankroll (or just fakie roll for short) is much better than backroll because backroll doesn’t definitively tell you that you’re moving backwards.

I have a couple more flatland tricks that I’ve been trying out that I’m not sure the name of. I’ll video them later and post them here.

Don’t like Zero Roll?

If the names must cover the trick, then the tricks will most likely have a cheesy sounding name. I think it would be a good idea to leave in maybe one word that’s related, but that’s it. If someone could find a good combination of two related words through a thesaurus, then I’m all for that.

Also, Dan Heaton invented that trick, and he said that “wrap walk” sounded lame.

what about “rap walk”?

Also, I think “sideroll” is better named for tricks where say your right foot is on the left crank, such that the seat is on the side when you pull of a crankroll.

Hmmm, crankroll +seat wrap… crankroll + wrap… (crank +wrap)roll… (cr +rap)roll…

how does everyone like “craproll?” :roll_eyes:

I just used a thesaurus to see if there were any synonyms that would work, and they all sounded even more lame than “wrapwalk”. So, we’ll need some more ideas on that one.

I know, Spencer and I tried that already with “wrap” and “walk,” but couldn’t find any good combinations. That’s why I said “If,” and I was referring to possible other trick names too.

encircle ambulling?

Oh, I thought you said “if” as in asking if someone would do that.

cinamon roll should be the name for a trick…because well cinamon rolls are good and they are all twisty and the trick is all twisty and u roll when u do it too!! maybe for a 360 to side roll combo could be called a cinnamon roll…
ask romain what he thinks is a good name for the trick he did…
i like fakie crankroll for trick 5.


For the first one: Wrapwalk sounds okay, but Crankrollwrap or rolling wrap makes more sence to me.

sideroll or sounds good.

But the main reason for this post: Does anybody know the name of that easy trick?

How about Cinnamon Girl?

Every time the trick is in a video you have to play the Type O Negative version of Cinnamon Girl too.

you live in a nice neighborhood. What city is it and what state?
California? Florida?

Santa Clarita, California.

I was talking to Arthur about it earlier and he said the french riders call the first one a rolling wrap (or rolling warp, he said they are the same thing). He said that was easier for the french riders to pronounce than wrap walk.

That would make sense, like a side ride.

Ok, I’m just gonna throw some stuff out there.

  1. “egg roll” (i ate Chinese today :))
  2. “double egg roll”
  3. “90 to sideroll” sounds good
  4. “270 to sideroll”
  5. well, when you stand like that on the tire, then kick a crankflip, it’s a donkey kick. so how about “donkey walk”?
  6. someone suggested “moonwalk”. i like that one.

Also, is that thing where you do like a half wrap, then step on the tire, and end up on the other side of the uni called a “step around?”

What frame did you have on that wheel in this vid Spencer? It looks nice.

2 was the double wrap walk/rolling wrap. I named both the 90 and 270 unispin to “sideroll” #3 because the roll part is the same trick.

So 3 and 4 are not the same trick. With 3, you just spin the uni into position so your foot is on the crank and with 4, I hop off and put my left foot on the right crank and then roll it. Also with 4, your foot on the crank is facing the direction you are moving but with 3 it is backwards.


  • 1.: rolling wrap – since the static version is a wrap and this is rolling :slight_smile:

  • the monkey stuff: i dont think combos should have a name… rolling wrap
    |to|…basically anything

  • 2.: rolling double wrap or double rolling wrap – don’t know witch one is good

  • 3.: good name i like it

  • 4.: over jump roll… :confused:

  • 5.: fakie roll is good, 180unispin to fakie roll

and i would like to post some other tricks i’ll link them in the next post

sorry i can only upload the sequence at night…:frowning: