Flatland Trick Help (forgot name)

I saw trick in a video the other day that peeked my interest. The kid was in SIf, then he put (I think) where the crank met the hub between the middle of his foot and rolled it around like pushing forward on the wheel, then spun and continued on the other side.

Looks like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wuiz4tb4Etk

So if anyone had the name and possible some help to complete this trick that would be great. Video tutorials are boss btw ><

that looks really cool i would like some help also…

The first trick he does?
It is a 360 Stepover walk.

It’s called a varial roll… Ive been close to that for ages, but never landed it, so i can’t really help.

yep its a varial roll… if you can rolling wrap they are alot easier then just going straight into it.

you want to push the tire then shift your weight around and bring as you bring your leg around. then when you put other your foot on the crank let the roll just kinda take you andwhen you completed a rev jump back to pedals.

its one of those tricks that would be alot easier to explain to you face to face haha because my description was terrible

Im am now confused, if that is a varial roll then what is this?

Also, why is the inward varial rolls in this video called 53s? Is it just what the french call it? (like wrap=warp) http://youtube.com/watch?v=AVMB6P6nnHY

My tip for varial rolls:
When you cross over to the other crank you need to have the right hand position. Your hand will go from holding the front(handle) of the seat on one or the other sides and will have to spin so its holding the opposite side so it is facing the other direction. Its a quick and simple little spin of the hand but is a very important part of this trick.

Assuming you can rollinig wrap I would practice that hand movement quite a bit so it feel much more natural for the real thing. When I get home I will try and get some pictures to help break down the trick into a step by step[ explanation of how I learned them.

I’m not sure it is the same trick… after the first “step over walk” he pauses and does the same to the back of the wheel… could just be a combo of 2 tricks.

sould i spin my body after before or meanwhile i push the tire?

You should spin your body shortly AFTER you push the tire. Towards the end of the push, you should start your turn.

so i have to kick like a rolling wrap and then turn the body?