[Flatland] The Part That Hurts The Most

Here is a video that I made this weekend:

Comments are appreciated.

thats awesome stuff man. the bay flip variations are sick! :slight_smile: would be nice to see one off the pegola thing. your tech flat is so much better then your hops its amusing :stuck_out_tongue:

450’s were sick too!

I was thinking of trying a bayflip off of something but I think I would hit my head if I tried it in there. I might try it off my deck though. I don’t think about it a lot but it is kind of funny. My high jump record is like 46cm and I can’t seem to do a 360 hoptwist no matter how hard I try.

And thanks, those were my first 450’s.

that was amazing! your really good at tech flat. …

your way betetr than me but ive landed 360 twists (only landed 3 times so far)…try doing a 90 pre hop the bounce up high and bounce the other 270…get good at that then go for the 360 :slight_smile:

where is canada are you??

You’re getting SO good!

Thanks, I will put some work into 360’s at some point.


You’re getting EXTREMELY awesome :slight_smile:

I don’t realy like flatland much, but there was some good looking tricks. I like the opening scene and the trick at 1:54 :slight_smile:


I tried 360’s last night and they were surprisingly easy:


I didn’t quite get the full 360 but it’s a start.

Amazing! You improve so fast. When you get older, you’ll be one of the best flatlanders ever! :stuck_out_tongue:
Very creative too :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Or what about bay-doubleflip? Or is that kinda impossible? :stuck_out_tongue:

I definately think that it would be possible, but I’m not anywhere close right now.