Flatland street

Ok I’ve recently started working on all flip tricks. And have nailed quite a few and am using them when ever possible. But I need some more flatland in my riding. It’s like it’s just grind’s, big sets and flip tricks. I suck ass at flat land like the most I can do is like leg wraps. So could some one help me out with flatland I’ve never really worked on it and don’t really know any cool stuff I could do without being a loser and copying other peoples stuff.

Watch videos by Shaun, Xavier Collos and Dan Heaton.

They rock.

First copy other peoples stuff then when you get good at it then make some stuff up. It is easier to land things when you have seen them done before so watch Dan or Xav to get some ideas.

I beat you.

Yeah, watch others for insperation. Also, learn some more freestyle stuff as well.

For one street is more than what you stated. lol. But yeah flatland you have to learn other peoples moves before you can invent anything serious. That’s a hard thing for people to understand, if you’re not hitting the top of some of the tricks (one type of trick) out there, most likely what you think you invented has all ready been done.

-Shaun JOhanneson

What’s the difference between flatland and freestyle?

There’s not really a big difference. Flatland seems to be more stationary tricks like wraps and leg arounds while freestyle tricks like coasting and gliding can be done over distance.

Thanks guy’s any vids you recomend?

Like has been said before, Xavier, Dan and Shaun have alot of good flatland stuff in their vids. Inparticular Dan, who seems to invent flatland tricks like it’s nothing.


The main difference is that Freestyle has a detailed definition (see IUF or USA rulebooks), while flatland does not. Flatland is a word borrowed from bicycling or other sports, which probably has detailed definitions in those sports but there’s not such thing as a Flatland competition event for unicycling. Yet. We have this thing called Open-X which is almost flatland, but it was designed for a gym so I wouldn’t say it counts unless we tweak the rules a bit.

Yes, you have to learn the tricks that already exist to give you a base set of skills. You can’t really invent anything new until you know what’s already been invented, or at least what’s already fairly well known…