I was thinking , so i concluded it would be great to join all tutorials regarding these modalities in a unique forum, because there are not a lot of them, and help facilitate a lot of beginners and more experienced people .
after all many times when I learn a trick I encounter a situation, “And now I learn?”
So if you agree if it , post here a tutorial video you did , or find , with the name of the trick!
I Hope this helps a lot of people
Cheers Erik!

I did a 180 unispin tutorial a while ago:


180&360 Unispins Tutorials


Very good and complete Tutorial video to begginners in unispins!
Credits for Voodoo Unicycles!

Hey julia

I saw your video that you land with the feet on the cranks, the cranks when you land you always land with both feet or just one?

I can land with both feet on the pedals, it doesn’t really matter but landing on the cranks is a bit easier and feels more solid most of the time.

Pretty cool to have a place just for tutorial vids, I would like to do one soon (nothing too advanced :stuck_out_tongue: ) so I’ll come back and post it when I do!

Crankflips Tutorial


The greatest video I Found about Crankflips!

SeatWrap Tutorial


Rolling Wrap


Donkey Kick







Wheel Walk


Not a flatland or a street trick , but a really fun one , so i will put here too haha

720 Unispin


Pedalgrab Tutorial

Skinny Tutorial


More tutorials!
Thanks for all the videos.
That’s what I love about unicyclist.com, I’m the only unicyclist in the area where I live, so these forums let me get some much needed advice and motivation.

Wow, thanks for compiling these, Erik. I haven’t even heard of these skills, so this is very exciting and I’m going to start right away.

Thanks Intoit , i just think , expert people could do tutorials for another tricks :confused: , now i’m just learning this tricks , but of course when i learn anothers , i will do tutorials vid haha but i think i have a looot of time to learn a looot of things , to think in this haha