flatland setup

so as the headline suggests, I’m interested in learning some flatland skills and I’m curious what a good setup would be

whats your price range?

around $500-Koxx1(look on left side of page) or Kris Holm 08, the 2 unicycle leaders there are differing opinions but i like koxx1 the have lots of cool designs and colors

$350-nimbus trials with moments-a very good budget uni

$300nimbus trials–a good uni u should be fine with the cranks if u dont do big drops and stuff

$275-torker dx-beast uni idk about doing flat on it

$280nimbus street-idk much about this one

$280quax crossfire idk much about this one either

Hope this Helps:)

Never get a torker dx from unicycle.com, ebay sells them very cheap.

And Kilian, stop pretending like you know a lot about flatland.

i know a decent amount about flat i did my research when i was purchasing my unicycle (i recently ordered a k1 from renegade) and thats what i gathered from what people told me

it must be good if Spencer uses it

I like rolling on profile ceanks

It really depends on your skill level and what kind of flatland tricks you plan on learning…

well I’ve been riding for just over a year and I can ride just fine, forwards, backwards, one footed, whatever but I don’t know the first thing about flat. looks difficult, but I like a challenge. thanks for the help by the way

For flat one of the best things you can buy are the
koxx street cranks they seem to make the most differance when
riding flat, but the moment attachments look pretty good but i cant
say much about those because ive never rode them.

When you get better you might want to get a CF base but
you probly wont need one yet until you get good and start brakeing
bases. www.koxx-one.com The green spirit, alien backflip
or Black domina 2 are probly the best flatland unis you can
buy iff you didnt want to make a custom uni.

Also available in Pink and Yellow! PS. I’m planning on buying the flight green, if it is available on unicycle.com.au!

Long neck frames are good, but not necessary. The frame should be able to hold your foot tho. Meaning anything but round crown design.

The wheelset is the important part. Typically most riders prefer a 19" (trials) wheelset over a 20" (freestyle). Cranks that have room for you foot are important. SO you are gonna want something with Q factor ass well as sufficient bulk to the axle.

My setup:
•Tryall drilled rim
•Shaved luna tire. This helps keep my pants from ripping and my leg from bleeding.
•K1 hub
•Qu-Ax CrMO cranks 125mm

•Triton frame with CF seat

  • I really like the way the Quax cranks feel on teh K1 hub. They stick way out leaving lots of room for my foot. They Cranks are also square profile which makes it easier to stand on as well as apply grip tape to.

Grip tape will help any setup out alot.

what about the new kh 08 trials? I was looking into buying it for trials anyway so it would be awesome if it worked for flat too

It will work great but the cranks arn’t ideal for flat. Kris fixed this by making “rollo discs” (see spencer uni, he is testing them). The crankroll attachment (rollo disks) will be out later this year (i think).

yeah I saw that. would the double crown work well for trials? I want one that’ll work well for both so I don’t have to buy two unis

want to see a vid of spencer using the double crown, so curious to see what he can do with it. I cant imagine. someone have a idea? :thinking:

I haven’t done anything new with it. It has just made a few tricks I could already do easier. Eventually I will do new stuff with it, I just haven’t ridden flat much since I got it. Daniel Adelander will have a new vid out soon with his double crown.

If you want a uni for both trials and flat then I would get the regular long neck. The double crown is cool but it’s advantages are pretty specific. The single crown long neck would make a better all around uni in my opinion.

awesome, looks like I got the answers I was looking for. thanks for the help everyone

actually no i lied, I have a few more questions. what are some good cranks for flat and what size should they be? also what are some good pedals?

I think the pedals dont actually matter, but since most people do street to i think the odyssey twisted are awesome

Ack. Anyone know why these cost more than KH cranks?