Flatland run E.U.C. Summer 2011

I was qualificated as 2nd for the battles.
Final result, 4th place!:slight_smile:

Casper!! you are getting so so good!! and you are only 12 xD
good tricks and you are really consistance :smiley:

Thanks bro.:wink:

Casper you did a so great riding there and I think it should been told that you become 3rd in Street finals also :smiley:

I think I don’t understand you, but I went 4th in Junior flatland. thanks Olaf!:slight_smile: Great to hear that from you! :slight_smile:

I will translate quickly for you ^^
Olaf zegt dat het ook geweten mag zijn dat je 3des werd in de street comp (en dus niet enkel mega goed was in flatland)