flatland pedals

I don’t know which pedals I need to buy for flatland. (and a little street)
Do I need to take this one: http://www.einradladen.net/shop/show_product.php/cPath/7/products_id/29 or this one: http://www.einradladen.net/shop/show_product.php/cPath/7/products_id/719:roll_eyes:
I do want to buy one of this, so which one :roll_eyes:

It depends on what you like more: Flipping or Rolls. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:
Bigger Pedals are better for Flips cause theres more place to land on
and smaller Pedals are better for rolls because your foot can’t get caught between the Pedal and the Frame.
But If you wanna do Trials or Street i would pick the Twisted PC’s, they are much more stable.

these are better I think… will last longer and have a bigger platform… :slight_smile:

Yes Tim, but I have ride ever on that pedals and I dont know way but I not realy like them. :roll_eyes:

ah casper ^^ had eerst nie door da jij et was :stuck_out_tongue:
ik zou allesinds zeker niet die eerste kopen… die gaan echt super snel kappot gaan… (maja ze kosten ma 5euro, dus je kan ze altijd extra kopen é =)

deze zijn volgens mij ook best goed… zowel voor street als flatland :slight_smile:

en mocht je deze ook niet echt goed vinden, koop dan de oddysees é ^^
Maakt denk ik niet echt veel uit :smiley:

Oké, bedank Tim.:wink:
Maar anders koop ik gwn 2 paar van ie standard plastic pedalen. :roll_eyes:
En anders koop ik inderdaad ook gewoon de odyssey twisted pc :roll_eyes:

kzou anders gwn 1 paar van die standaard pedalen kopen en nog een paar oddysees…
kun je nog altijd zien welke het leukste zijn… en als er 1 kappot is, gebruik je de anderen é :slight_smile:

I am learning flatland and do light trials on my KH20. I have the stock welgo pedals, but was thinking of getting another pair of odyssey twisted pc pedals for my KH20, due to the welgos ripping the hell out of my leg armor.

I currently use my odysseys on my 36 and have no slippage problems. Does anybody use these pedals for flatland and light trials?

I don’t do anything that could be charitably described as trials or flatland, but I like the Twisted PC pedals too. Nice and secure, not a bit of trouble with them.

But what about this?:

They look similar to the KH Wellgo pedals but without pins. I’ve got some on the way (different color though) to see what I think. At $15 per pair, it isn’t much of a gamble. They’ll find a home somewhere at some point.

I guess I’ll just switch them off my 36 and see how it goes. I’ve very rarely had any problems with slippage either road riding or muni, so I guess they would be fine, at least when I am learning tricks. That might help my leg armor last longer.

Actually, this got me thinking about platform size. Do folks doing freestyle, flatland, trials prefer larger platforms than standard BMX pedals? Do the platform sizes really differ that much?

If so, it might be nice to have a bit larger of a target. Maybe something a bit thinner than the standard welgo pedals that came with the KH20, but wider, with more of a platform.

Not sure if those requirements could be combined with plastic pins to avoid tearing up the leg armor.

I do know a lot of folks purposely land on the crank arms for tricks like unispins. I do occasionally and can recover, but I always aim for the pedals, which may or may not be good practice.

I use twisted PCs for flat and trials, and I think they work pretty well. My last set lasted about a year before the pins wore down enough to cause my feet to slip. If you practice pedal grabs a lot, the pins will wear out faster. I know some people who do a lot of pedal grabs and grinds use only one side of the pedal for this so that the other side keeps its grip.

As far as platform size goes, the twisted PCs are actually pretty big already. You may want to try some different pedals to see. For me I’m used to them and they are comfortable. But everyone is different. Some good unicyclists swear by these “little girl” pedals because they like the way they feel.

I like the pcs for flat

Switched my PCs from my 36er to my trials uni today with satisfying results. The platform seemed bigger than the stock Wellgos on the KH20, but maybe that’s my imagination. Plenty of grip, in fact better because a bit less than the wellgos so easier to reposition if needed when landing tricks. I think the PCs must be lighter than a lot of other pedals too.

Went and bought a pair of PC LEs in safety orange from Dan’s comp to go permanently on my KH20. Should go nicely with my orange seat post clamp and the KH blue.