Flatland, LX or DX?

I currently own both a DX and a LX, and I’m starting to get more into freestyle/flatland. I currently still use my DX for everything, but as far as freestyle goes, will the LX be better? The hub is cotterless, so I’ve avoided jumping entirely up to this point.

Will the LX be able to hold up to freestyle/flatland?

(I weigh around 180 lbs.)

wow havnt seen u on here for a while. Take your dx wheelset and stick it on ur dx frame. I would say that would make a beastly uni…(its been done, my buddie did it i think i have pics around here somewere.)

Do you mean stick you DX wheelset on your LX frame? If it fits I think it would make a decent flatland uni.

I don’t flatland, just speculating

Honestly, I don’t feel like going out to my garage and testing this? Can anyone verify that the DX wheelset will fit in a LX frame?

I found a video on youtube a while a go where he has a torker lx frame on a koxx devil wheel set. Im not sure if he modified it or anything. About halfway in the video he breaks the frame, and you can easily see the whole time that it really is a torker lx frame.

I have been wanting to know if i could fit an lx frame on my unicycle for a long time, i think its a nicer frame than the devil frames.

heres a link to the vid

i think you should just try and see if it fits since u have both unicycles, it will only take like 5 minutes.

I just tried it, the DX bearings are too big.

How much tire clearence was there, and was the frame wide enough?

are you sure? my buddy did it…do you have an older dx/lx?

LX. No question.

Use the LX. The DX sucks for flatland. The cranks on the DX wheelset are only good for handling some mid-sized drops, bashing you in the ankles, and preventing you from doing any sort of crank roll. LX uni has a better setup in general. It’s lighter, the tire is better for freestyle/flatland, and so is the seat. Go with the LX no question about it.

Count me as surprised, I have a 2006 DX wheelset and it fits fine on a Yuni frame. The outer dimensions looks to be the same as regular 40mm bearings found on square taper hubs.

Did Torker finally go with 42mm bearings on their DXs?

lx all the way for flatland/freestyle. not as strong, but so much better feel.



have you even tried both to make such a decision as to what those unis are best suited for?

like it was stated earlier in the thread, the DX is horrible for flatland because of the nubs on the crank. The LX was designed as a freestyle uni, but this thread was asking which would be better for flatland, and IMO the LX wins it over the DX. A flatland only uni doesn’t need to be that strong in the hub/crank department, it’s much more important to have good shaped cranks.

actually i have! the nubs arnt that bad and i prefer a trials tire for crankrolls so…

I’ve tried a crankroll on my dx cranks and it’s like impossible to keep my feet on…so I don’t know. I also have an LX and can crankroll on that much easier.

Does this mean the LX is strong enough? Ive already bent one hub jumping down a 1 or 2 foot ledge on it, prompting me to buy the DX. Now I’m not going to be taking the LX down drops this time around, but will it be able to take my body weight and very constant static hops?

(deleted personal bash)

cranks are the only thing on my DX that DID NOT break.
mid sized drops?
less DX hubs and/ or cranks have broken than Profile HUBS or CRANKS. (i would say there are the same problems with each, except that the DX has pinchbolts, which suck…

so you can land a crankroll? I think its easier on the dx actually. the cranks offer a little bit more room to stand on…

again alot of flat riders would rather ride with a fat trials tire opposed to a skinny hard freestyle tire…

Yes I’ve landed one. I agree that the cranks have more room…besides when rolling. If I were to do any leg wraps or anything of the sort I usually use the dx but I find it impossible for rolling on the cranks.