Flatland help

I’ve recently got into flatland but i seem to have so much trouble keeping the uni from falling/leaning over too far over when doing any kind of rolls and wraps.
i learned a crank roll mount in like 2 days but its been weeks since i started and have made little to no progress since that. all i have learned since is landing the occasional crank roll and half-backroll.
rolling wraps, leg wraps, seatwraps, push mushes, and backrolls have seen no progress over these weeks. does it take super long to learn these or can someone offer some advice or if they had a similar experience and came out of it?


Flatland tricks can take a long time to learn, keep practicing and you’ll learn them eventually.

Here is a tutorial for backrolls:

And here is a tutorial for rolling wraps:

lol trust me ive seen all the tutorials
i guess ill just keep at it

I was the same way when I was learning to do rolls and other flat. When I was just starting out I could crankroll maybe once in ten tries (and that’s pushing it), and it took weeks and weeks to be able to get rollingwraps or backrolls. Getting them consistent was even more of a nightmare… But now I can string out long combos and it was WELL worth the effort.

Edit: The more time you put into it, the easier everything will become.

ok, ill just keep at it.
thanks a bunch