Flatland help.

so i’ve been practising flatland here and there for about two months now. i haven’t really got REALLY far. i can rollingwrap about 50% or the time and sometimes backroll and seatwrap. but that’s about it. i’m struggling to do small combos like legwrap-rollingwrap and rolling wrapX2. i loose balance to easy and always need to hop intbetween. i can do a rolling wrap once fine, but when i try to do 2 in a row it’s always a fail. Any tips and advice on anything to do with flat would be appreciated. thanks.

Practice. The more you do it the easier it gets. A lot of flat is having your feet in the right spot at the right time, as well as correct hand position… and quick hand position changes. Muscle memory yo.

i’ve been practising heaps. especially the rolling wrap.everytime i put my foot around to complete it, i get my foot in, but have to hop to get balance again. i’ll keep practising, but it just seems it’s taking forever to acheive this balance.

i am just slowly lowering the number of hops in my combos until they slowly become just pauses in between where i regain my balance instead of hopping

that sounds like a great idea. but then you don’t get to practise the proper transition of hands to the next trick? if that makes sense. like with a rollingwrap to backroll, you do the last part of the rollingwrap, while putting your 1 hand in the middle of the saddle to do the backroll. if that makes any sense…

When I landed my rolling wrap to backroll, I used my normal 2 handed backroll position. For a while I just worked on my hands and feet, and then when my balance was finally good, so was everything else. For my feet, I usually had them messed up on the cranks, so I focused on putting the middle of my foot on the middle of the crank, that cleaned up my rolling wraps alot. For the hands I just learned to switch to my most comfortable backroll hand position really quick between the tricks.

Hope this helps.

thanks. that should help. how long it take you to get that balance? cause after every rolling wrap, i have to do a few hops to get balance again! :angry: i’ll keep practising. any other tips on flat?

I’m not too pro at flat, but what really helped me was learning to push mush easily. That helped with being stable with rolling wraps and made the rollingwrap-rollingwrap easier :slight_smile: It helped to teach me how to keep myself over the uni more and be more balanced doing rolls…

Etc :slight_smile: