[Flatland] Christmas Special

Hey, everyone. It’s been weeks since I last rode, and I finally got some new stuff and decided to make a video :slight_smile:


Drop a comment if you’d like.

-Eli Brill

UTV link says: Video not found or access denied: then a link to what I’m already on? Does it work for everyone else?:o

It doesn’t work for me.
UTV link nor download

Ughh, durh. I had to change the file extension to upload it to UTV -.- hang on, I’ll work on it.

I loved it, all the crank idle stuff was really cool. love seeing you on a trials wheel! :smiley:
the moving shots were awesome, very poham-esque :wink: are you still using the same camera?
really liked it. :slight_smile:

I used two cameras :wink: The one I got for Christmas and the one I bought in August.

My dad filmed me with the crane I got this morning :smiley:

Thanks, man!

edit: As for not being able to watch it, you should try to download it and play it in Windows Media Player. Sooner or later you’ll be able to watch it on the website, but it might not be until tomorrow.

Ahh, don’t worry it was a different video that was downloading and didn’t work.
Awesome video man, your combo’s are so clean! And your uni looks really nice! :slight_smile:

fianlly a good video from you!!!
i mean fort he filming/editing
really liked the music
and really creative combos, keep it up man :slight_smile:

This video has style.
I love your new uni and your baggy trousers ;D
Also liked the crane-shots :slight_smile:

If you want to make my Christmas special(and I would really like that) you will put this video on youtube.

I love how I’ve watched this 5 times already and your creative combos still confuse me. :stuck_out_tongue: Your filming and editing are at a new level now too.

Hopefully this will be on Youtube or Vimeo soon, when I watch on UTV it takes years to buffer (or to download).

EDIT: I tried downloading first but at 8kbps I decided to stop, and on UTV it says “Video not found or access denied”

I love how every one of your videos has something new and something so very Eli. I think you have potential to be the best flat rider ever… or at least of our time… And just curious, when are you going to start working on the 1260?

Thank you, I really appreciate that.

As for the 1260… Well it’ll be a little while :wink: But don’t worry, I’ll get it someday.

Please post it on youtube or vimeo. The links wont let me download or watch the video and i want to see it so bad! :frowning:

awesome combo’s :slight_smile:

“Video not found or access denied”… I want to see it!:frowning:

Nice! Some of the tricks were impossible to see here because it was too fast, but the rest looked pretty sick! I really like your long combos, everything looks soo easy too :stuck_out_tongue:

finaly I fixed the streamin link, sorry for the delay.
Awesome as always Eli :smiley:

I’ll have a YouTube link up in a bit, but the video is viewable on UTV now! Check it out there :wink: