Flatland - Christian Huriwai

That was awesome. Sick editing, combos, style, dogs, shin… Nice:)

People who ride freestyle dont wear shinpads either… so why should flat riders wear them?

I liked the vid!


I wear shin guards, but only when I’m trying new tricks that are kinda big and scary. For flatland with crankrolls, they are unnecessary and get in the way.

Because a lot of flat riders add bigger unispins in their combos… and you dont want to screw up a rolling wrap-5spin.

Does chris have an akita? Those dogs are awesome.

i hav no idea wat type of dog it is but its a really beutiful looking dog. i want one

He said its a samoyed.Ive never heard of it before but i want one aswell lol



^^^^ haha thats gold!

ah that must hav been friday night at uninats if im not mistaken? just a geuss cause that afternoon chris was annoyed at the massive rail we found with uber grind protection all the way down it

i watched this at least 50 times it’s so awesome :smiley:

Lol thanks Max and everyone else.

What do you guys think of the music? My friend made it.

Awesome, though I couldn’t find a download link on the facebook page, there should be one :stuck_out_tongue: that’s a shweet beat.

the music fits your riding style perfectly, which makes it even better!
this video makes me want to ride some flatland

I agree :slight_smile:

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Best flatland video I’ve seen. Ever.

Most peoples’ flatland isn’t all that inspiring to me. This one is. Wow.

Amazing editing, too.

Missed edit deadline.

What’s the trick at 0:51 called? That looks really cool.

And - who cares whether he wears shin pads or not? His choice - his consequences. He’s not going to die from a pedal bite. (He might from the untied shoe, though.) :):slight_smile:

Ahh yes the shoelace. :roll_eyes: lazyness :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is called… a wraped push mush - one foot 3spin - varial roll. Just looking funky cause its a 3spin on the one crank :sunglasses:

Shweet! I say that all the time!