Flatland - Christian Huriwai

Chris asked me to post his video for him because he got wrongly accused of making fake accounts and got banned xD.But enjoy this video of pure sexiness and watch out for aliens.

Ahhhhh, so awesomeee.

That sucks, nice riding

So fly with the new fisheye :sunglasses:

up there for a decent flat video. nice and not repetitive. oh yeah and sorry chris… for making all those fake accounts and blaming it on you.

ur riding is so creative! and that fisheye makes ur videos look so much better!! editing was pretty sick too. very good video. and that is a really nice dog too :stuck_out_tongue:

btw mike ur getting a bit obsessed with aliens

Some very cool tricks in there which I haven’t seen in any other vids (or haven’t seen them often). The one footed unispin (don’t know if there is a name for it) was awesome.

Fresh, flowy flatland. Awesome video

Nice flow man. You should start wearing your shingaurds. I know its hot but it is definately worth wearing them so that I don’t have huge bumps on my shin.

Sooooooo cool! Dude, you are amazing! :slight_smile:

Sweet video:D As always the riding was amazing, and this video was edited and put together really well!

Sweet vid, the editing was cool. And I was wondering why you got banned lol.

I really like this video a lot. All that blood on the crank was crazy and all the tricks were so good. Keep it up. :slight_smile:

Dude. I’d like to say you are my favorite flat rider. Period.

Awesome vid. Keep em’ coming.

Youll think hes the best rider of all time after you see his street video hes making :wink:

ah dont tempt my mind with such things :roll_eyes: . haha i gotta get chris a flatland trike. but first me and spence gotta make flatland trike the movie.

Nice vid. I like how you rode into your combos instead of hopping before. It looked really smooth. I think you get the bloodiest unicycle award too haha.

You´re flat is MASSIVE! and pretty good creativity to.

but i HATED this vid, it was completely disgousting, you are sponsored by kh and you are an ideal for many younger riders. At least you could wear wear pads, this is bad, really bad…

:thinking: u hated this video entirely because he made his own decision not to wear shin pads?? im just gona presume u were being sarcastic and forgot to hint that u were

It simply shows why you SHOULD wear shin pads.

Either way it comes down to personal choice.

It’s an extreme sport, you will get hurt regardless.