flatland check list

hey im new to flatland and i was wondering if anyone could make up a check list for me to help me work on tricks.
in order of difficulty would be great

thanks alot


leg arounds (both legs; both directions)
backrolls (start as a mount)
rolling wrap

Those are some easier tricks to start out with. Once you get those just start throwing legarounds onto them, like legaround-backroll or rolling wrap-legaround. Eventually you can start to make longer and longer combos out of them like rolling wrap-backroll, and add legarounds to that:p Superroll-backroll, for instance.
So much fun once you get the hang of it. (I’m sure there are lots of things that I left out, so people should add on to this;))

i8 would learn outsideroll after you could do backrolls

hey everyone, i’m looking to start flatland too. i’m finding it hard to hop on the cranks then lep wrap. although if i start with 1 foot off and 1 foot on the crank, i can do leg wraps that way. i’m struggling to stand on the cranks, any tips? thanks.

Thanks guys ill give em a go

:open_mouth: I can do backrolls!
Might I ask… Wtf is an outsideroll? Lol.

I’ll try that stuff EliB, thx ^^

What’s the difference between a leg around and a seatwrap?

It is where the outside of your foot faces towards the frame.
first trick:

couldn’t find a single so here is a double leg wrap:

and here is a seatwrap:

at :23

ok thanks