flatland bmx

I had no idea flatland bmx was so impressive. This video
is crazy especially at 2:28 and 2:50 for like 20 seconds.

I figured this was close enough for unicycling videos. I bet all of them could ride a bc wheel and most could pick up uni really quickly at 2:53 he is basically riding a giraffe. and for most of the video they are ww on one wheel.

2 wheels = Bicycle.

Wow no shit! :astonished:

Unicycle.com = Unicycle Forum


unicycle.com = unicycle shop


unicyclist.com = unicycle forum

The title was clear so if you did not want to watch you did not have to.
I was impressed by the amount that they do on one wheel so i posted this.
Sorry you have such a closed mind.

Thanks. DUH :o

Relax man. I actually did watch it. It’s cool. I would’ve posted this in JC though, this really isn’t the place for it.

I would have posted there but thought this was more appropriate and gets less traffic so it would not bother anyone.:wink:

I was looking for the song one day and stumbled across this by accident. Needless to say it’s awsome.

Wow this ones even better makes me want almost want a bike after I get my new uni.

Nothing wrong with riding a bike. =p

That was absurd! He is so damn good.
BXM Flatland Best Rider? Yes.
Wow. Thank you for posting that.

Originally Posted by Chexjc
Unicycle.com = Unicycle Forum


unicycle.com = unicycle shop


unicyclist.com = unicycle forum


Yes, we already made note of that. Thanks for pointing it out again.

Wrong again, he was trying to quote what I had said, he was responding to it by posting the intelligent comment: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

I dislike this thread haha. That’s his fault for incorrectly quoting. I’m not going to further humiliate myself in this thread lol.

I know I ride a bike 26 mountain bike almost daily, but i would rather uni then bmx. It makes everything look cooler harder since no one in my town can uni. everyone pretends they can bmx never seen any flatland before though. :roll_eyes:

Yes, good work Brian. I just copied and pasted what Brian wrote. Bye.

BMX flatland is awesome. It’s good to have it here, seeing as unicycle ‘flatland’ is so stale right now. No one is doing flatland correctly, and only Spencer seems to be moving the sport of flat in the right direction. For heaven’s sake… doing street tricks like flip variations on flat ground is not flatland. You don’t see flatland BMXers going and doing things like hop-barspins or bunnyhop 360s. They do rolling balance tricks, and really at least one wheel stays on the ground. Flatland style is broken when no wheels are in contact with the ground.

some one should take a torch to that bike and show that guy how much more he could do with out that other garbage in the way. I mean you dont need that other wheel or those dumb handle bars do you?