Flatland BMX workshop at a convention?

The “Does Cycling help learn how to go on one?” reminded me of an idea that I had. I think it would be cool to invite a good flatland BMX rider to do a workshop at one of the unicycling conventions. A workshop setting where the good freestyle unicycle riders can talk to and watch the flatland BMXer and maybe get some ideas on maybe incorporating or adapting some of the flatland BMX inspired skills to freestyle or street unicycling.

Flatland BMX is amazing stuff, and a lot of it is done on one wheel so it wouldn’t be totally out of place at a unicycling workshop. :slight_smile:

I think that having the opportunity to bounce skill ideas off of a good flatland BMX rider would be an interesting workshop at a convention.

If there is a good flatland rider living near a convention site and is willing to do it.

The one flatland guy that I’ve talked to about riding uni’s had alot of great idea’s and was trying some tricks on my uni that were from flatland that although he couldnt land on the unicycle looked quite impressive, and I’ve never seen similar things done on a unicycle by anyone else. (including all the video’s from Unicon, freestyle movies posted on the web, and Unverse)

One thing that professional flatland riders apperently pratice on are modified front forks with out the rest of the frame (handlebars, fork, pegs, and wheel), so they wheel walk into crazy spins ballanced only on front pegs.

I think it deffenatlly would be cool to have a flatland mindset to freestyle unicycling. Theres alot of cool things that can be done on flatland and I would think alot of it could transfer to our sport. I’m sure at a big budget convention they could pay some pro/ amature flatland rider to come out and mess arround, and teach a bit to unicyclers.

I deffentally think this style of riding could add alot of technical tricks to freestyle preformances that can seem a bit repetitive at times.


Max Dingemans mixes in some flatland inspired tire scuffing in his freestyle. He’s one of the few that I’ve seen mix in moves that I would consider to be inspired by flatland BMX.

This was the first thing I saw a flatlander do. I was performing at a cycle event and they had a bmx team. One of the bmx guys broke his bike and was playing around on the front forks, doing the equivalent to one foot wheel walk backwards seat out in front. Their balance skills were insane.

They then had the gall to tell me I must have “incredible balance skills” to ride a unicycle. I just about cracked up laughing.

I’ve since seen freestyle bmxers learn to ride unicycles in under half an hour. I think we could get a lot of ideas from them and vice versa.

They are also a source of “kindred spirits”. Tony and I have both been out riding with the local trials cyclists and its lots of fun to compare techniques and ideas. They will happily suggest different cycle part brands that may be better and you get challenged to try riding different sorts of obstacles than you would otherwise attempt.

Do I? I wasnt aware of that… Anyway, one of my friends friends is a flatlander. Iv talked to him a little, but not much. He might be willing to show up for awhile next year. I could ask him based on popular opinion.

Last year at the Toronto bike show there was a flatland comp as well as tons of time for practice. Total respect to those guys/gals. The skill those people have are incredible.
I’ve always wanted to learn flatland…

I saw you sitting side saddle (well not actually sitting on the saddle) doing a one foot ww in a circle. I can’t remember if it was on your regular uni or the one with the pegs.

That was the pegged one. but I think that’s all I stole from the flatland world, Yet…

I flatland, I just started unicycling today actually. :slight_smile: I can tell you that very few flatlanders do any sort of unbike setup seriously. (Fork, wheel, pegs, stem, handlebars.) If we do it’s just for fun.