Flatland Beginner Condisdering Nimbus or KH

Id like to get into flatland but I need advice on which unicycle to get.

Right now I have a 20" sun and I’ve learned to idle and ride backwards on it, and although its not much, I feel like its time to upgrade. Im considering some different options including:

Nimbus trials unicycle with KH isis moment cranks and rollos.

A more expensive option would also be a KH unicycle with rollos.

On the unicycling.com site I found that the 07 model is $55 cheaper though, so I was also wondering if there was a difference in the quality of the unicycle or what. If anyone has advice for me about whether the KH or nimbus would be the better option, or if there are other unicycles that would be good, that would be great.

If you just want something nice, that will work well for flat and not break the bank(aka leave you with more money for upgrades). Get the nimbus with Moments.

If you want something really nice and are willing to pay(aka think you will be sticking with unicycling for some time, and want the newest most badass ride) get a KH 09. They should be for sale very soon, and are quite nice.

how much is the 09 coming out for?

09 is for sale on unicycle new zealand so the whole new range and umm…i like kh better then nimbus

I would definately go with a KH. The Nimbus trials frame is far to painful.

KH is much better than Nimbus