Flatland And Some Street

Here is the video I put together earlier this summer. It is mostly flat but there is some street in it. I worked hard on this one so hope you guys enjoy:)

Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it:)

First comment!!!

Second. :slight_smile:

convert vimeo convert!

Anyway, nice video :slight_smile: The song fit it well too.

Nice, man. Looks like you’ve got 3spins dialed. Maybe time to try 5s? :stuck_out_tongue:

sweeeeet alex!

Thanks man. I am actually working on them now. Hopefully i will get one soon:p

Looks like youve improved since i saw you but now i want one of those biscuits :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Mike:) Next time your up here i will make sure that you get one of them;)

yeah, you better get those 540’s before I leave!
but good improvement on all your flat.
more trials!

If I land a 540 before you leave you have to land 900 before you leave:p