flatland 11/04/10

hey everybody, it is the first time I post something here.
I am a french rider and never come on this forum before.
But I have a new viedo and I decide to register ^^

enjoy =)

I liked it a lot. Very awesome riding man. You have amazing flow to everything on there. Even the falls at the start were good looking.

I didnt listen to the lyrics of the song til the last 2 seconds or so, but if the rest is like that some people on this forum might be bothered :stuck_out_tongue:
They have kids or something?

Other than that, nothing bad to say… I want more.

eu… ^^I really don’t understand the lyrics of the song ^^ but if you say it, you must be right =p
thank you =)

nice vid maybe you should film from different angels
i like your style

Looks like Thibault de man style.

Nice style

I was wrong actually :stuck_out_tongue: It really is only the last 2 seconds or so. Other than that it was fine.

Watching your video again. Still awesome.

Thank you everybody =)
For Ludwig: it was just one afternoon and at first I didn’t want to make a video. This the reason why I didn’t film from different angles. =p