Ok … Im new here and i do know that there is already a thread about flatland on this forum, but i wuold like to know, where could i learn flat, i mean … where could i find some tutorials about it :smiley:


Psyho - don’t ask why i got this name …

I learned flat by watching tons and tons of videos over and over to see how the tricks are done and then you just try them on your own… Probably not the answer you wanted but thats how most people on here have done it. Also riding with other people helps incredibly; I wish I had someone at my skill level to ride with haha.

Here some good videos:




Watch them, study them, and go for it :slight_smile:

well, anything is good and im happy if some1 is willing to help with good vids :smiley: i learnd some tricks from videos 2 :smiley: they really help ^^

I don’t know if you already can do these tricks, but here they are: