[Flat] Xavier Collos- "No Flip In Flat"

His new vid, He hasn’t posted it and it’s been up for a day or so…
Watch it, it’s pretty awesome! No flips

That was awesome.

that ws sick. i like 1:50 to the end the best, those few last things were AMAZING!

thanks for sharing

That was so awesome, some really creative stuff. We have apparently thought of some of the same tricks…


I Loved it…

What’s this seat?!!?

I loved his new unicycle!.. Anyone knows if this uni is a prototype!? I think Xavier used this uni at CFM Buthiers 2007… Anyone saw that there?!

Best Regards!

Looks like a bunch of Koxx one parts thrown together, plus an awesome seat.

This was real flatland. Seriously. Absolutely incredible watching some of those crazy tricks flow. I always watch Spencer’s flatland vids, and they are insane too, but I really felt this is the first completely flatland vid I’ve ever seen. I love how he incorporates leg warps and stuff too.

i saw the uni cause i was at cfm
it’s not really a prototype it’s just a new color scheme…

– bobousse

Thanks Boboouse!

I’m So distant of these conventions…
I’m planning to next year go to another country… To uni with better riders… Here in Brazil we are about 7 riders… But here in São Paulo (my city)… just 3…

Apparently Koxx don’t will present big news to 2008… But this Domina Frame in this color scheme…with this awesome seat… ROCKSSS!

very sick tricks xav.

nice to see some fresh stuff

OMG! He has to be in the top tier of the best riders in the world! Simply amazing. Total mastery over his uni!

That was really good…I liked how there was not alot of trick while like crankrolls and all that more crazy on the spot kinda tricks…Reall liked it.


Nice movie, no crankflips but insane flatland moves.
Loved it.

The uni is a Bee Domina with a Alien Backflip sadle BTW.

Peter M

At 1:01, what is the move called? I must say it was pretty amazing.

It’s called a Superman, He does them so good!

Awesome tricks!
But i don’t like the angle…
How many Legarounds have you done? My friend have done 5 almost6 :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, the camera felt way too close but the riding was excellent.

Yeah :expressionless:

i really like the longneck frame.

Wow, thats some advanced stuff.
I think the camera angle is fine, kinda has a raw in your face feel, nice colors too.

The question is whats up with his seatbase? And is that a removable cover or what?

Think it is ductape to hold the laces of the removable cover.
Atleast I hope it is, because K1 should have made removable covers now.
Also hope that the prices will go a bit down from 2008.
Because 60€ for a sadle is realy expensive.
But this is a topic about Xav’s great moves, so let’s not talk about K1 products anymore.

Peter M