Flat vs Street vs Trials

Hello, i am a new rider and i see these three styles of riding posted everywhere but i do not know the differences between the three. Flat, Street, and Trials… What things are done in which categories? or are all three a mix or what>? i was just curious. thanks

I think this may be of use then, it has headers for the major styles with brief descriptions and extras:

flat = tricks on flat ground

trials = getting from point A - B in the most effective/best way possibly, hops, gaps and skinnys

street = Tricks on and off obstacles

Those are the basic definitions, then theres things like tech street which is just (IMO) flat for people who dont want to admit they ride flat :wink:


so would you say that trials is a mix of street and flat?

Actually, street is more of a mix between flat and trials, taking tricks from flatland off of obstacles from trials.

Alister has it - in flat and street you do tricks, in trials you don’t. Trials is just about navigating obstacles. Flat is like street but you aren’t allowed props, just a flat piece of ground hence the name. To be good at street you’ll ideally have both flat and trials skills.

Actually, you are allowed props (page 20)

I was surprised too! (I don’t think anyone uses props though :P)

Those aren’t the current rules.


so where should a beginner start?

Personally I’d say start with flat and a bit of trials, flat meaning basically freestyle skills and general uni control (what I’m doing) and trials just to learn jumps and skinny balance etc. Then once you’re confident you can start putting the two together into street style. Maybe someone with more experience can say whether I’m on the right track.

I’m assuming you can already ride ok…

Well I would definitely say that beginners ride flatland :roll_eyes:

Whoops, sorry:o


well i can ride decent…ive only had a uni for about 2 weeks andim starting to get the hang of it…i get my new uni in tomarrow so im pretty pumped about that…but once i started i coodnt stop it so addicting!:D:D:D:D


beginners start on flat land and elite ride on high land