Flat Vidéo ( Eli Brill- Jeannot )

HEY !A new flat video! It’s a featuring : Eli Brill and Jeannot ( Team Riddim )


Eli’s ninthflip outsejside :open_mouth:
Jeannot’s sej and outfifthvarial? were awesome!

All the flatland was crazy


outvarialfifht, when?

2:17… watching again, is it a backside?

Also, hand outflip was sooo nice!

It’s a “fullbackside body varial”… Do you understand? lol

Eli = CRAZY !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

finally, you released the ninthflip! :stuck_out_tongue: hahahah
amazing work, it came out awesome.

Thanks everyone :smiley:

Amazing stuff - super cool!

270-360-180-blind 3-blind 1-x roll-crank idle-outside backroll x2 was so sick! :astonished: Same for the seat forward 1080, I think slow mo on that would’ve been nice though. 810 was nice but weird, at first I thought it was like a 900 to tire hahaha. Blind 9 :astonished: . Both of your combos were so sick and creative, this is one of my favorite flat videos now I think.

Riding was crazy :D. Filming and editing made it a little boring though :(.

Holy efff :astonished:

i dont even understand how half the stuff you guys did is even possible. To many favorite sections of the clip to say but i must say that the riding was absolutely OUTSTANDING!

once again that was AMAZING :astonished: :astonished:

Cheat code, pfff.

The music and edit was terrible… :S

BUT, the riding was insane. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow very cool trick in this video but edit was horrible . Nineflip was amazing and the inward fullvarial flip was just crazy

:astonished: INSANE video!!! All the tricks were incredible, but the super-clean 1080, out-handflip, and outsejside really stood out. Oh, and the ninthflip…MIND-BLOWING!!! :astonished:

basically…what he said! :smiley: ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue:

extrem good stuff!

Isn’t it a inward full varial side flip or inward full varial backside flip?

It’s a full varial backside flip