Flat vid 6/07

I worked really hard on this.
Right-click, save as.
Around 50mb and just under 3 minutes.

Crap, I forgot to put a Bedford logo in there…well I will swap the video out in a little bit, nobody will notice.:o

Nice one dude. Pretty neat editing. Cheers.

Nice vid. It impresses me how many styles of unicycling you can do. Maybe I go out later and practice a little bit flat/street :).

can you put it on youtube.

nice video flat riding isn’t as good but still its an awesome video

yea its a good video.
seemed a little repetative with all the stuff being almost the same that you did. But I bet it was really hard to get all of it on film.

very nice!

spencer has shorts! :astonished:

nice vid man.

Spencers street video and also two more videos with him are now availiable at utv. Flash and wmv are running, mov files are still uploading and should be ready in at least 2 houres.

Dang you Spencer. You make me want to cry.

wow, hard work definitely paid off. nice riding, filming and editing.

awesome! I loved it dude. I really liked how you jumped into a lot of the crankroll stuff. that was great. California is beautiful by the way. Dude it’s gonna be an honor to be in your presence at Naucc. :roll_eyes: I just had to watch it like three times in a row.Awesome vid!

Yep, it was getting hot so I decided I should probably get some. Those are the first pairs of shorts I’ve gotten in years.

Haha, kind of like a vid with a ton of crankflips?

Yeah, here.

No it wasn’t all that repetitve, it was good.

I liked the varial into wheel walk. awsome.

And… I wear shorts in the winter time… I got hot really easy.

nice vid

Nice movie dude.
I realy enjoyed watching it.
The moves in it were good, I wish that I could do some of them :o
To bad you can’t rate movies.
Maybe they should all add a poll with there movie to see what people think about it who don’t want to ride a whole text, just a thought…

Peter M

You can rate the movie on unicycle.tv.

nice, like the things were you put you foot on the crank and kick the wheel. (what are they called? :thinking: )

do you think you can put it up on youtube…It wasent working for me.