Flat vid 3 !

By Marcus Hahn.

enjoy ! :smiley:

DUUUUUUUDE! Thats my song you theif!!! O well… you beat me to it… lol grrrr i hate re-editing, things never look as good.

Anyways, nice flat.

Not sure what song I’m gonna use on my vid now…

Hell yeah!
Sweet vid man!
IS your tyre wider than 2.5? Just looked a bit fatter - maybe it was just coz of the white?

heh no its not wider than 2.5 :slight_smile:

Nice video and very good Style!

awesome video. i loved it:)

Cool, good job. You should start to land your transitions one footed, it looks better and is more like a combo than a line of separate tricks.


great vid. some really sick combos in there. you should try and catch those 180s and other stuff one footed…looks alot cleaner that way

good stuff tho

yeah, the 2 foot transitions do look somewhat silly. Good vid though.

Great video, not the best editting. I can tell when after a flat line or trick you try another (but fail). But i did love the riding (besides the 2 foot trans.) and creative flat lines.

The combo at 2:16 looked sick
Really nice video

sick video man.

thanks for the comments :smiley:

yes i should.

That crank roll wrap thing @ 1:30 was WAY confusing the first time I watched it :sunglasses: