[flat] Untitled

hey everyone, it’s me again :stuck_out_tongue:
i came to adrien troiano house before going to euc, we wanted to do an euc video for the euc video contest, but because of the weather i had to film the rest of my clips here enjoy


sweet video dude…how long have u been riding?

i’m riding for 6/7 years, and flatland for 2 years and a half, i’m glad you liked it



Dude I love all your videos! Definitely keep making them. I really liked how you did the bit at the end, playing with the focus. Looked sick. :slight_smile:

vimeo link http://vimeo.com/14505917

Ahaha another awesome video. Bobousse your style is so awesome. Was that a 5 on wheel? I couldn’t quite catch it.

nice vid, great riding and filming. editing was creative as always, i like it, the new vid camera makes the full enjoyment of your videos :wink:

yep it’s 540 on tire :slight_smile:

thanks for all the comments, it’s motivate me to do even better for my next vid :slight_smile:

awesome Bob. The editing at the end was sick. :slight_smile:

I love all your videos! You style is so awesome.

Amazing bobousse :slight_smile: