[flat] untitled

short vid bad editing bad tricks but here it is anyway

nice vid! the trick at :45 was cool! haha

:roll_eyes: Yeah right.
Really chill video. Loved the first and last combos a lot.

nice video!

Great stuff! Loved the trick at :45. Really nice.

I’ll give you the fact it was short, and making me want more, but seriously, the tricks were sweet, and the editing was good to. Credit where credit due!

awesome creative riding man. :slight_smile: great to watch

Certainly not your best, but it certainly wasn’t bad.:slight_smile: Maybe mediocre.:stuck_out_tongue:

cool video thought :wink:
i really like all these beautiful locations !!

I agree it was a pretty chill video. I thought that last combo was great. The rest of the riding was pretty good. Editing, I thought it was pretty good for the feeling the video had so… Eh.

Very creative. Liked the music too, sounds familiar