[flat] uncut

here’s my new flat vid
great thanks to monobenj who did the filming and editing
this is not my best riding but here it is

– bobousse


Nice vid, the filming was cool.

What kind of uni is that?

Nice riding, awesome editing and some pretty spiffy filming. Altogether a damned entertaining experience.


Nice editing, liked the whole “uncut” thing.

very nice. was that thing at like… 1:36 or something shot in reverse? it seems like it was, if not that was quite incredible.

Nice vid. Just a pity the camera didn’t keep you in frame. Missed a great UPD.

I didnt liked it. First the name was used before in Felixs uncut movie, then it wasnt realy uncuted and you moved always out of the camera which also destroyes the uncut feeling. The riding was nice but you shouldnt call a video uncut which isnt uncuted.

My thoughts exactly…


Some nice tricks, but this is how I felt also.

Also in agreement with that. Good riding, horrible title. If it’s not a video of consistency don’t name it after one that was.


I realy liked the start. I thought that the editing was pretty cool, it was abit anoying that on some you were finishing tricks just out of shot, you should have maybe refilmed those. The riding, well it was flat, Im not going to say anything about that.

sorry for title, i don’t know that was already taken but i think it is the better because it’s a way to illustrate my idea of editing not real riding

sorry for my bad english (i think very very bad) but i dont want use translator, i hope some one understand something ^^ and will try to explain for other.

Ben’ J

Original. I can’t think of another vid quite like that.
Good, but not great:)

I think the title should have been: [Flat] “Uncut” or Uncut

That’s what I thought untill I read the first couple of posts and realized the title and editing style was a joke.

From the title, I was expecting it to be one single camera shot, and at first I thought it was, until I looked at the tree swaying in the wind. When you moved the camera to the right or the left, there would be a new clip, which you could tell because one second the branches are over to the right, then they just flicker to the other side.

It was editing nicely, but you could still see where one clip started and ended.

Yeah, but it was still a good video and I enjoyed it.

again… i wasn’t trying to make anyone thinking it was a real uncut… only the editing was based on this idea…

the video is not there… I wanted to watch it… boo…

I had a similar problem. I had to return to the list.

Direct link: http://www.dailymotion.com/monobenj/video/x41wyp_uncut_extreme

thanks, great video by the bobousse, even if it wasn’t “uncut” it was really good.

i enjoyed it.