[Flat] Ty... Dranac Style...


Here is a short vid with my unused clips…


I hope you’ll enjoy.

Your hopes have been fulfilled.

Very nice , everything was a hit with me…

That was sweet! Nice combos and awesome 540 sidespin, especially how you landed SIF. Tre sideflip was cool too. O and nice music.

I liked your flow and style. I didn’t like the music but’ otherwise great video.

Is it my computer and its problems or is his tire is realy deflated. I thought I rode my tire realy low!


P.S. Realy gnarly video! Very smooth.

540 side spin…hot

really tight vid!

Nice stuff, dug the music! great riding/smooth style.
Bit shaky in a few shots, but thats inevitable sometimes:p

you look very tall.