[flat/trial]Keukly pose ton gun

Hi every one !

New vid, robin featuring samiaul(me)

Enjoy !

vimeo link

wow i like the 360 varialspin or what ever to the wall! (=bad english:( )

does robzi have loic’s old uni?

sweet as!! reminds me of old koxx one videos except like different people!! samiaul your flat land has gotten really awesome and Robin those side hops are grouse … on the crates there that was HUGE!!

very nice work the both of you.

i dig the trials

Thanks for comments !

The flatlander, robin, rides on the old loic’s uni(the green wheel with black domina frame).

I’m the “trial rider” but i just learned the rolling warp which i land on new loic’s uni.

Yes Ok, shame on me, i’m a fake trial rider doing rolling warp aha:D


I liked it! The varial thing on the wall was pretty cool! Some cool trial lines too…

Your new uni (XTP with red rim, white tyre…) is so sexy!

We all have weaknesses :wink: And it’s rolling wrap i think :smiley:

And i didn’t knew that you have Pedro on your name too (I saw on your vimeo account), Beautiful Name :smiley:


Lol I do the same but I’m street.

Ah 2:09 was so stylish!

Haha I kept thinking the guy on Loic’s old uni was Loic and I kept expecting like a 7thflip or something but then I remembered that that wasn’t Loic…
Though he was really good. Everyone else owns me at flat :o

wow my bad!!! nice work with the trials!! lol huge side hops happening!! and Robin awesome flatland stuff!!


Really good video I liked all of it!!!
cheers uni98:D