[flat/trial] jerk it out

It is a small video which I turned and accomplished in 3 hours. Quality is not brilliant, sorry :slight_smile:

(desolate if my English is not fantastic :wink: )

in vimeo

I enjoyed it, but yeah it was short
good work on the 720, wish I could do that

I liked it, music suited it nicely:)

720 was sick

ummm i hated the 1:19 section to the end…alot of hops, made it look really sketchy

the name of the video made me L.O.L.


holy crap, that was good

Sweet. I never get sick of that song :smiley: Crazy 720, I never even heard of you lol.

Pretty sweet. The song was already used. But I’ll give you a break on that one :wink:

thank you for your comments
I does not know that the song been already used
I agree, the end parried dashed Otherwise :smiley:
I come from arriving on unicyclist, I am on the French forums, I’ve discover unicyclist with Bobousse :stuck_out_tongue:

Christian, Do you have 900 ? with your mamoth spin, I think that you can have it
personally I think that I am, some more job there almost and…:smiley:
these are my tries => http://www.dailymotion.com/search/monocycle/video/x602mg_monocycle-essai-900_music

wow you are very close! on flat too. ahah. your prehop is insane.

I should not be the only one, I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi :smiley:

Awesome Video! I really loved this song :smiley:

Man you are really close to 900 on flat! Your pre hops are REALLY High!

Congratulations :smiley:

Keep posting here… there are just a few frensh guys here! :wink:


That 900 is basically were I’m at right now (you may be slightly closer, but I’m not sure)

Were you going for seat in? That would be wicked.

Cool man. Show loic and adrein that its cheating to do it off a drop :smiley:
I can’t 900 and it scares me so I havn’t been trying much. But I’ll try to give them a try soon.

And call me chris.

I agree with you, Chris, in France, we have known for 1 or 2 months that they had achieved the 900 and we waited for video, and when we saw that they achieved it of a wall, we were disappointed. Afterwards, this gives chance has some to have them on some dish! :smiley:

un monocycliste a st malo??? ahaha au moins je saurais quoi faire la prochaine fois que j’y vais.

Nice video dude!