[flat/trial]after all , keukly vid with loic baud...

enjoy here.

sorry for the quality…

Clean 720, who was that?

The tripleflip was slightly dissapointing, although props to actually landing it. Generally good vid, nice editing.


the 720 is landed by loic
now, loic can easily land triple flip on sets , but that was a little triple flip 180, ok the 180 isn’t 180 , but he landed better before filming

thanks for comments

wow 720 with no hops. that was sick!

This vid rally makes me wanna ride!
I’ll try to land a 720 tomorrow. :wink:
Awesome. Gonna watch it again.

i love the way everything is in slow motion i could see what was happening easy because of that! really well edited.

here the new link , with a 10 sets flip from arthur caron at the end

man, that was incredible. liked the 10 set flip(could b more clear tho). For a second i thought that was a 900 uni-spin b4 i checked many more times and ended up seeing that the seat actually started bwds lol. man, i got learn a 720 now. ill practice as soon as my ankle becomes unsprained lol. o yea the inward small doubleflip was good to. Now that loic can do a clean 720, its time to go for the seventhflip that everyones been waiting for lol.

Sick. The last stair wasn’t really a stair and he landed on it so I’d say he crankflipped 9. Still very cool.

cool editing. the triple 180 was very far off from a 180 but props cause its a way hard trick.

i liked the relaxed feel of the video. all of the tricks had a confident style that went with the music. Nice video

That was awesome. Is there a High quality version to downlad? This is one of those vids I would like to keep on my comp.

I love how 720’s are getting more popular. I still need to learn the 540.

How many can do them now?

  • Loic
  • Matty P
  • Shaun
  • Mathuet (koxx1)
  • Me
  • Klas


  • Jakob (Jabbath)

I think he does one in the 5 days in Berlin movie.

adrien delecroix can too
robin …from lyon

Aren’t we forgetting Krisztian Kovacs? what about Mike Swarbrick? i know he can triplebackflip but im prty sure he can tripleflip 2.

Fredrik Justnes claims he landed one a few days ago…

He has video of it! Look at his new vid, in this forum.

funny that u say that cuz im downloading it as we speak lol.

cool, You’ll enjoy it!