[Flat/Trampoline] Video Teaser: Mikiah + Carson

Just a quick teaser for our video coming in Novemberish. The riding is nothing spectacular, but the HD is glorious.

Music: Zion I - Noontime

-Mikiah + Carson


Your unis hot.

lol, nice. “after college applications”:smiley:

i’m looking forward to the whole vid… and i finally want to see your fifths and 720’s :stuck_out_tongue:

the uni looked fllyyy, same with the lakais.

looking forward to the vid.:slight_smile:

i made a fifth flip vid today for felix so wait no longer :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is my fifthflip video!

haha nice mikiah! i really like them.

btw you uni is really hot:D yeah i know i´m a bauer;)

hi Mikiah!
nice 5th flip and teaser
see u on the next euc;)

nice, I’m gonna try and get some more fifths this week.

Lol, thank you Felix! :smiley:

It is too far for me this time :frowning: but who knows maybe if I am lucky :smiley:

Thank you, but it is still missing the best part ;):smiley: