flat tire on koxx uni

I ride a freetricks and about a week ago I started using a lot of pressure on the tire. Two days after I had a flat tire. So I noticed that using it too inflated makes the air chamber almost pops out between the holes on the wheel, what causes the flat tire.

Did it happen with someone else?

do you have rimtape on your rim covering the holes? And how much is alot of pressure? You sure your tyre was rated as high as you went?

the rim tape was just not enough to protect the chamber. The pressure was like 30 psi. I‘m puting an extra rim tape for extra protection.

Let‘s try…

Hey dude,

I wouldn’t worry about it, I assume you have a drilled Try-All rim yeah?

If so, having soft plastic rimtape on the rim is paramount because the inner tube will get shredded because it wants to pop out of the holes on the rim. So a rimtape will act as a ‘wall’ stopping it from doing so.

Also, it depends on your tyre. Check the maximum inflation rating, and make sure not to go above that number.

Another tip: When putting a new tube in, make sure you do a quality job, because from personal experience and from other peoples’ experiences throughout a range of sports: BMX, Trials bikes, unicycling… sports which I all do… is to to spread powdered chalk on the inside of the tyre surface and make sure to sand away any sharp little bits on the inside of the tyre. Then, buy a good inner tube and cover that in powdered chalk too, and then fit it in the tyre and the rim nicely. Pump up to the right pressure, and should be good.

Incase you’re wondering… the powdered chalk is there so that if ever the tyre folds (from jumping or anything) the tube doesn’t grip to the tyre during the folding. When people don’t use chalk, eventually the tube gets ripped easily during jumping because the tube is gripping against the folding tyre which causes it to flex and rip. Having chalk stops the tube gripping to the tyre which minimizes the chances of getting pinch flats.

Hope this sorts your problem, if it doesn’t I’ll see what else I know that could help. :roll_eyes:

EDIT: Also, make sure your rimtape between the inner tube and rim is wide enough to cover the width of the rim.

thank you very much. In Brasil we usually have to improvise solutions, so I‘m sure this won‘t be a huge problem. I‘ll use the tips and if I find out anything different I‘ll get in touch.

YTnhaks again