[Flat]The Liveliest Boudoir

Hey everyone, here is the video I made for the EUC Summer, “The Liveliest Boudoir”, you will understand the title by watching the video ;).


In some days available on Vimeo.

Drop a comment to let me know what you think about it :).

Amazing flatland!!! :astonished:

There are so many sick videos being put out, I love it!!!

Okay… I though Adrien’s was the best… But this is the best flatland ever…
2:32, 3:00, and 4:11 were so sick.

And 3:50… wtf… epic.

can you put it on vimeo please?

lol how can this video not have a million comments?? it’s so crazy:p

Haha yes… The insideflip and reverse 180 bodyvarial were sick too.

haha, when somebody is this good and spends this much time awesome editing, it’s rude not too.
Elliot, you’re my hero. Nuff said.

114mb :confused:

That was schweet!!!


and UTV just doesnt play anything for me so i cant watch it ther either. wmp just goes to a black square and doesnt do anything and it also reckons i dont hav quicktime or flash player. and i know im not the only one with this problem

Thanks for the comments^^, I will put on vimeo now ;).

Elliot, that was crazy. Your flatland is amazing.

Keep it up,


Nice movie, but do anyone know when Adrien`s movie is coming out on vimeo or something?

Here is on vimeo :


wow great job :stuck_out_tongue:
really awesome and original flatcombo’s !!! :):slight_smile:
and the outfifthflip - rolling wrap- backrol-180 was so sick !! :astonished:
The editing was also very good !

Best flat movie ever :D;)

Elliot, your flat style is how I would want mine to be if I was amazing at crank rolls :p.

I also find it cool that you have a similar flip trick style to me. Go outfifths and inward varial side fakieflips!!! :smiley:

I think you may be my favorite flat rider.

HOORAY!! thanks man. totally awsome video! i really liked the editing and the handheld filming was quite good too

EDIT: wtf did u do to ur hands!! get some gloves

awesome flat :astonished: i mostly like the 180sideflip or what it´s called:p


Sucks for us with New Zealand internet! I reckon you should upload it to youtube for us with epi-fail connections :smiley:


Thankies :stuck_out_tongue:

nah vimeo is just as slow as youtube for me. takes twice as long to load than to play for me (e.g. 5 min vid takes 10 min to load) and thats wen its at its strongest :angry: dam wireless network! but this video is still worth it. im gona watch it again right now