[Flat] Summer 2010: Mikiah R and Marin M

I’m just gonna saying posting this in the wake of Eli and Will’s extremery hurts hahaha.



awesome riding :slight_smile:
you both have a very flowly style , but the end really shocked me :smiley:


I can only watch 3 minutes and it’s pissing me off. The stuff I’m seeing looks really nice, but I want to watch the end :angry:

Waw !!! So sick, who is the cute guy who landed 810 ?

What can I say ?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice style from both of you, I really liked the fact that you did some long lines including hard tricks. Filming and editing were good, and Mikiah, I loved your footjam combos !

Marin, I think you lost your game of UNI !


Thx Hugo, Yeah Marin lost a game of FLAT, 3 card games, and could not land an 810 in 8 minutes 10 seconds haha :slight_smile:

Only for Eli Brill will I create a YouTube account and upload my video there hahahaha it’ll be up soon :stuck_out_tongue:



-Super smooth slow-mo
-Nice tricks
-Some nice lines
-Marin holding his stuff like running so it doesn’t bounces.

In other words, I liked.

nice one guys :slight_smile: i like all the 1 foot transfer on wheel they look nice :slight_smile: awesome level of technical tricks in there!

Hahahaha!! Great video!

Awesome vid :wink:
you both have an awesome style and big tricks!!
Love you both <3 ^^

Thanks Tim. I love you too :heart: