hi unicycler

this is a flat and street video of raphael pöham. i drive since december 2006 and i’m 12 years old.

nice flat trix and good music. well done :]

OH my goodness!!! :astonished: You are amazing!!! Such a good flat rider! Geez…Awesome video…except the music absolutly sucked IMO…:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it up!


dang, you are really good at flat, work on your hops though. 2 pallets and you are doing 180 flips(it was more of a 90 flip, but you’re 12…lol)

my record was 68,5 cm side hop.

ahhhhh Im so Jealous!

This kid’s rediculous. I want this kid at wunschkonzert.

-Shaun Johanneson

crazy kid…

your an awsome flat rider. if i could do half the stuff u could id be happy

REALLY good. :astonished: Especially considering how young you are.

At first i thought you had a Koxx. Nice paint job on the KH.

Pretty good. Nice beats.

Very groovy vid. I liked the knee bonk thing.

I second that, I’v never seen that.

I can’t wait to see what tricks you’ll be pulling at 18. :astonished:

Great riding keep it up man:D

thanks for your replys.
(i’m from austria, so i can not so good english)

English ok; riding better!

Me too, I’ve never seen the knee bonk before. NICE!!!

you are amazing :astonished: … i wish i could even unispin or crankflip:o !

dude your going to be really good one day, hell your good now.
that combo at 2:06 was sick man.


wow, ur good. keep it up.