[Flat/Street] Sponsor Request by David (TeamKrisis)

After the teaser :

The movie :

Enjoy !

David :smiley:

Very nice! That sponsorship has got to be yours.

Amazing skills, awesome filming and editing. Perfect.

I loved the ending when you rode on a broken crank:)

sweet :slight_smile:
everything was very good

Well done, your riding was very enjoyable and the editing was also good. All of your sidespin tricks are soooo smooth. I also enjoyed the music a lot, it is nice to see that Zion I is listened to outside of the bay. Excellent movie, you will get sponsored in no time!!!

Nicee Job!
Amazing video, enjoyed every minute.
Nice skils!
BTW how many unis do you have?

Euhh, 2 years today !
Thanks for these comments!

Nice and improving tricks, flashy editing, and fast riding.
To fast for me! i like when you put value and flow in every move, but this wasn´t exactly like that. but you are veryvery good!

Grrr… My school is lame and doesn’t let us watch vimeo but lets us watch youtube… can’t watch your videos for at least another 7 hours when I get home from work.

Very nice dude!

Who are you requesting this video for?

450 side was sweet? 2nd person to do it (after Krisz).
Inward big sidespin was very smooth.

Nice video all around, but I was expecting a 630 unispin line or a 900.

No the 450side he’s not very hard, when you indeed have 540 side he’s easy! And in my next video there will be 630 and 900 unispin :slight_smile:

Best video I have seen in awgile. Your crazy man!

how come you have so many unis?

Because I break rather regularly of materials and there is also unicycle of Krisis …

Plusieur person demande combien de mono, as tu?

Pardon mon Francais.


YAY! Thanks! Awesome video!

Sick. Everything was awesome. Your flat is so crazy and the sidespin variations were really clean. Good luck with the sponsorship, but I don’t think you’ll need it:p

this was amazing. enjoyed every second of it.

That was good. You’re good at wheel-unispins.

You have a cool style I think sponsors will like. Riding got really really repetative, I didn’t watch the whole thing cause my nets too slow but if I did watch the whole thing I think I would have gotten bored.

Still cool vid tho, ill watch the rest when I have time.