{flat; street} Pulse

Hey :stuck_out_tongue: my new video: http://vimeo.com/3503776


awesome tricks in it :wink:

next trick for you: fifthside^^

you should get a better camera :roll_eyes:


Thanks ^^ :smiley:
For quality, it is the compression and sends it which did that, I am disappointed :angry:

really nice flip tricks and cool music choice :wink:

cool video:D

nice vid:D

Very nice tricks, but you should do more stuff on obstacles and less just pure flip tricks on flat.

Thanks for your comments :stuck_out_tongue:
New link, Better quality http://vimeo.com/3525500 :smiley:

Wow! You’re great! Take some of those tricks to a set, and you’ll be amazing. Congrats on the fifthflip :slight_smile:


fifthflip was smooth


What is the trick at 1:18 called without the unispin?