Flat/Street Droppin' Hammers

The last of my summer riding before I sprained my finger.

Manafest-Droppin’ Hammers

You’ve gotten so good! This is my favorite video of you for sure. You’re one of the best in North America now :smiley: And really sick edit to, liked the intro and the slowmos were smooooth. You’ll get that 7 side soon as well, you were insanely close!

foot plant at 1:50 was stEEEEEzzzYYY :smiley:

That was pretty sweet. You have some fresh riding.

Edit: I really dig that intro.

That vid had some crazy creative riding in there man!
The treysideback really caught me off guard, and I loved the pedal grab trick variety you had in there!
Nice last bail too :slight_smile:
Add to that the great edit and perfect song choice, I liked it alot!
And we can still recognize you thanks to your helmet :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot everyone, I’m glad you all liked it!

I guess I’d better not get a new one!

Dude I really liked the first “wall plant” you did, mind if i steal it? And the other kind of reverse inward spin wall plant you did, sick.

Nice, loving the early caught crank flips :slight_smile:

Thanks, and yeah go ahead! I didn’t think anyone would notice the difference between it and a normal wall plant!


If anyones gonna notice, it’d be me :stuck_out_tongue:

loved the entire thing dude!!! great vid all around :smiley:

Thank you!