flat/street day

A new video of me :slight_smile:
and my first double flips :smiley: ( aren’t really clean in the video, but now I can do them a lot cleaner :wink: )


Nice riding!
Good job with the double flips!
I’m learning that como rolling wrap-backroll and I’m also learning double flips and std wheel walk hope I get them today. :smiley:
Nice job:D:D

Wow that was awesome. Your doubleflips look awesome :astonished:

cool vid , and i like your doubleflips because you jump so high:p

Nice tricks, style and music.

nice work man, doubles looked awesome and 540’s are super fast spinning :slight_smile:

Nice. You seem quite consistant. Your doubles are funny looking :stuck_out_tongue:

But the song was annoying as hell.

I like the way you 5spin. Cool vid.

thanks for the reactions:D
but what is that last reaction?? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s Chinese or something, lol.