flat/street Colby Thomas

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I think this is your best vid… And shows the haters you pwn other stuff besides the trampoline;).

Dude… the other day when I told you to treydouble a 5… I was just kidding… :astonished: (yes I realize it was a 4 but still) Sweet video! Backflip-fulloutspin was nice and all the street stuff was pretty flowy. The lines had nice tricks and stuff but the hops kinda kill the flow, I would try to just take 1 or 2 hops to get turned around at the least, getting a filmer would be best obviously.

Bribe your siblings man! haha or recruit the 12 year olds at church :stuck_out_tongue: best video yet. For sure. Loved it and not just because my name was in the credits haha Seriously you’ve earned an awesome new colored bandana at NAUCC :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll be sure to bring you one haha. PWNAGE I agree about the hops though too :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Madison! haha.

About the hops, I know I need to stop. I just have some mental thing where I need to hop a few times to get my head straight. I’ll try and cut down though.

awesome vid :wink: nice backflip-fuloutflip!! and treydouble was also very nice :):slight_smile:
I enjoyed the movie a lot… so make more vids like this :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice vid! Liked every part, trampoline stuff was awesome ;)!

Just totally sick! I hate you when i saw you did the treydouble 4 set :angry: :stuck_out_tongue: but you are so talented so you deserved it :wink: Awesome vid man!

sweet dude! crazy big stuff in there…rails were nice, you seemed pretty happy :slight_smile:

man! i would give you my quote if this would be your call out video :smiley:
i really like your style :wink:

Wow, good stuff Colby. I had no idea you had filmed all this other stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
I thought it was just going to be a video of the treydub.

Nice, man.

damn Colby i hate you!! you’re just getting too good now!

backflip-fullout was crazy!
and all the real street was awesome!

COLBY!! awesome! you landed some great stuff. All of the flip tricks down the stair sets were awesome. The police were funny and i really really enjoyed that video. Def one of your best!

Colby, you’re such a tank.

I want to ride like that hahaha. If you keep progressing like this, it won’t be long before you trey a 7. Don’t bother slowing down though :stuck_out_tongue:

You started riding after I did, and you’re already about 3x better than I am, haha.

You’re one of my favorite riders, hands down.