[Flat/Street] Callout

Sorry for the lack of street. Hope you enjoy it anyway.


Nice!!! :astonished: Liked the hickunderflip :roll_eyes:


Insane. I’ve been gone for 3 days and saw it wasn’t up. Then I came on and it was and I freaked out.

For good reason.

rollingwrap-onefooted 5spin


loved it.

Am I blind? I didn’t see a hick underflip… I watched the video 3 times too…

A hick-underflip would be a hickflip to underflip. The correct name would be hick underflip (or what ever the first person who did it wants it to be called).

Nice video but more street would have made it better.

Edit: Do you guys think the kickflip (1:56) is a hick underflip?

Sweet bag of tricks there…

You win. Lol or maybe not;). My video will be a lot different I think so we’ll see.
I get it as fast as possible.

Getting siiiiiick. Makes me wanna make a vid.

Favorite part: Backflip down the 5 set.

Least favorite: Your flat combos all seem the same. You are very good, but try getting more creative with your combos that involve rolls.

Thanks for the comments so far guys! Can’t wait to see your part Zach, gonna be sick competition :sunglasses:

Wow, that was awesome, would have liked to see bit more street but the vid was still epic.

You guys should hit the kink when you do the rails, looks sloppy when you get off early.

Good luck Zack.

This was a totaly sick vid, and you are only 14 years old :sunglasses: You have to be very strong :astonished:

wow sweet vid!!! :slight_smile:
insane tricks!! :astonished:

cool fliptricks the tripleflip is very cool

Awesome riding! And I liked the camera work a lot (I think I have to search for a cameraman, it looks so much better than static cameras). Also the music matches very good.

Lol, sorry if it was a big deal that i called it a hickundeflip and yeah i thought the thing at 1:56 was a hick underflip cause thats what it looks like (my opinion) :stuck_out_tongue: :roll_eyes:

Nice tricks in this video eli!
i just think the music didn’t match with the video.
But you are really good :smiley:

Thanks again, guys. Liking the constructive criticism. Keep it coming.

+1, I thought the cameraman did an excellent job :wink:

Hahaha no he sucked.

so impatient… :roll_eyes:

edit: Just kidding.

kinda :sunglasses: