[Flat/Street] Aout 2009 (Teamkrisis)

The last movie of the team krisis with Damien Dyonne

Enjoy ! :slight_smile:

Nice riding! Enjoyed this one more then the 24" street one.

nice vid! My favorite was the flip up the 5 set. Massive. I think that’s a record? (for up a set)

lol no, watch krisz
EDIT2: this one sorry

1min 59

Only person to flip up a 5 on video (in euc vid too).

lol no, that isn’t a set. Look where he jumps; he wouldn’t make the distance of the stairs too… He has outflipped up a 4 though.

edit: great video though, Loved the crankflip across the double set.

true, I still find it amazing xD

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

yea i know how high krisz has done, but I thought it was cool that he did it up a big set.

it´s much harder to cranklfip up 4 pallets then a 4 set for me :roll_eyes: becuase if you do it up stair set the flipping is much easier maybe because of the speed you have :roll_eyes: IMO

5 set crankflip was insane.

very cool vid :wink:
just like everything:D

nice video !!!:slight_smile: