…for the bad callity!!!

4 flip but two hands it’s not very good or simply shit!!

It’s a really 4 flip, but no sloxw motion…

Satursday will my 4 flip in slow and good quality, but two hands is so shit…

If it really is a quad flip, then that’s awesome, but its really hard to tell, because for all we know, that could be a really slowly flipped regular crankflip.

Daaaaang another quad. I think I’d have to go two hands off a drop to get this done.

lol Please film it with good quality and slow motion. If you hadn’t of said I probably would of thought that was a double or maybe a triple.


Ahaha! My parents were just beside me when he said that… :roll_eyes:

Félicitations SteReim !


I could tell it was a quad (with pausing).


I don’t care about it being 2 handed

if that was really a quad, then amazing!

has it ever been landed in flat befor`?

1 handed off a ledge by loic.


i know that one but i asked if anyone has landed it in flat;):smiley:

Stereim is his name???

King of flat flips?? :stuck_out_tongue: hicktriple on flat… I’d like to see Kriz quad on flat.

So there’ll be a good quality one on Saturday? Sweeet. I paused it and it’s at least a triple, but I believe you that it’s a quad.

I kinda wanna know what that means, but I kinda don’t…

Hahhaha… No… dont try Babelfish either…

I did…

Babelfish won’t work…chatte means female cat, right? :o
I wish they taught us french slang and stuff in class…
Edit: Dictionary.com did work…

Haha, that is indeed funny. I tried to translate, and all I got was BITE CAT CAT CAT CAT BITE CAT CAT CAT BITE, or something like that haha.

But i realize now that bite is replaced with something just as obnoxious.

that was realy amazing!

congratulations :wink:

if you could post it in better quality and SloMo would be cool!


Thanx, yeah it’s a really 4!!!

I landed this after my first late double flip at the first essai and a triple flip with one hand i landed the second essai

I have a good triple flip yet and i landed Three time a very big trick never landed.It will be for my next video!!!

where’s the better quality clip?