Flat Session

Today I filmed a 30 minute flat session. I’ve been working on switching my spinning direction since I broke my thumb.

Url:: http://unicycle.tv/video/1109-FlatSessionEliBrill
Video:: http://deluxe.unicycle.tv/1109.flatsessionelibrill.mp4

Enjoy and leave a comment :wink:

-Eli Brill

Thats beastly dude! And sooo smooth to:D


Man that 720 blind look even better then your real 720 :open_mouth: and all the flat combos and the triple flip you overflipped it a bit too :open_mouth: I love your style man!!!

IS that the KH Flatland uni?? And kool video :smiley:

Great vid! Your blind 7 was amazing :smiley: I can’t even do a blind 180, but I haven’t practiced it…yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the comments everyone :smiley:

And yes, it’s the KH Flat unicycle. I love it :slight_smile:



Great video. Was the second trick a footjam-540? BTW, get a new camera, PLEASE. :smiley:

Yep, it was a footjam-blind540.

Btw, buy me a new camera, PLEASE.


Shoot! How are you so good even with a broken thumb. I mean your 720 looked so smooth, looked as if you spun it your normal way. Great vid man;)

crazy blind spinning… really clean flat, i like watching it like that :slight_smile:

WOW that was crazy… blind spinning must be so hard.